Our mission is to build tools and create resources to educate the world because we believe learning leads to freedom


Our learning platform features 3D models and 360 media paired with instructional videos for on-screen and Mixed Reality interaction that increases student engagement and improves retention. 

Our content editor transcribes uploaded video and audio files, allowing course creators to edit and format transcripts, insert images and objects, update courses in real-time, and output ePub files for ebook publishing, and closed-caption files that meet educational videos requirements for YouTube and Amazon.

Our smart transcripts trigger 3D models and images to appear on cue, and searchable text allows learners to search for keywords and play back video from specific locations.

Our growing catalog of courses are taught by experts and top university instructors from Wake Forest University, Indiana University, Texas A&M University and other great schools, and our micro-lecture instructional design approach focuses on three main areas:

  1. Interest-based subjects like Design Thinking, Fashion Photography, Creative Fiction Writing, Theater History, and American Criminal Law Systems.
  2. Traditional STEM courses and required courses, including calculus, biology, engineering basics, earth science, American history, and Political Science.
  3. Practical academic skills, like writing five-paragraph essays, thinking critically about literature, and communications strategies.

Academic Advisory Board

Dr. Mary Simpson Poplin

Dr. Robert J. Marks, II

Dr. Andrew M. Koke

Dr. Richard Martinez

Dr. Jed Macosko


Core Team

Paul Mikos
Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Jed Macosko

Brian A. Langhoff
Chief Technology Officer


Jana K. Gering
Director of
Educational Products


Open Positions

Transcript Editor

Edit transcripts using our purpose-built Content Editor.  Primary transcription of audio files are already complete.  Your job is to take them the rest of the way.  You'll hunt down funny homophones, correct the position of commas, establish paragraphs  and get paid to do it.

This is remote contract work, therefore you'll need your own gear, and to file a W-9 with us.  Full courses take 30-40 hours to finish.

Pay rate: $15/hour


  • Familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)
  • Ability to work remotely with reliable high-speed internet (<5Mbps)
  • Capable of driving your own schedule, while meeting deadlines
  • Windows 10 PC (sorry no Macs for this gig, unless you VM)


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