Andrew Koke


About the Professor

Dr. Andrew M. Koke has been studying, publishing, and teaching in early American history for more than 10 years. He writes and publishes on American colonial history, higher education, and virtual reality. Dr. Koke teaches broadly in American cultural, political, and religious history as well as pedagogy. He coordinates several college success programs such as the College and Lifelong Learning program and the PASS program, as well as teaching for the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University-Bloomington.

His primary passion is advocating for and finding ways to encourage excellent, interactive teaching. His PhD in History is from Indiana University, where he focused on colonial American history, British imperial history, and Religious Studies.

  Emma Knutson, courtesy of The Media School at Indiana University

 Emma Knutson, courtesy of The Media School at Indiana University

"VR produces a visceral reaction...Your eyes and ears are fooled, and in that moment there are learning opportunities.

"One of my primary loves is good pedagogy and classroom experience. When I first started messing around with VR, I was absolutely shocked by how transportive the technology is".

"Students can use this technology for info gathering and education...It allows them to learn and know more about themselves, so they can begin to dream and imagine."

Source: inside IU Bloomington