About the Professor

Anthony Yom is a UCLA alum and a calculus teacher at Lincoln High School. All of his students passed the AP Calculus test three years in a row. One of his students, Cedric Argueta, became one of 12 in the world to have a perfect score.

In 2016, Anthony won the Escalante-Gradillas Prize for Best in Education from The Best Schools.


About the Course

Are you ready to take the AP test for Calculus?  Join Anthony Yom, award winning teacher, for his walkthrough course on preparing for the AP Calculus I test.

In this course, Anthony will guide you through the first part of a two-part series.  The course contains step-by-step walkthroughs of example materials to prepare you to show your calculus prowess on the test.


Course Length: 38 lessons

( Continued in AP Calculus: Test Prep - Part II )


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