Jodi Jones


About the Professor

JODI JONES is a two time SILVER LIONS AWARD WINNER at the CANNES INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of CREATIVITY for 2015 and the founder of Jodi Jones Studio.  Jodi’s photographs have appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine and countless others. The TV Show “Women on Top” did a full episode on her life as a photographer. The TV show is about women who have achieved success in male dominated industries. Jodi is now traveling the world inspiring and speaking at seminars and workshops on creativity, entrepreneurship, and photography. Jodi is represented by ZUMA PRESS MULTIMEDIA.

Women on Top

"NYC Fashion Photographer Jodi Jones is a highly successful fashion photographer and photojournalist who has spent 15 seasons down in the trenches shooting the runways for New York City's Fashion Week"

"Collaborating with McCann Worldwide India and Jodi Jones Studio, we combined to create a campaign that was memorable not only for a great concept and execution, but also the international scope, multiple timezones (Brazil, NYC, India) and the seamless integration of everyone involved..."

Source: Bernstein & Andruilli

Jodi teaches a variety of in-person workshops on fashion photography, portfolio enhancement, principles of lighting, and business training.

Her course with Intelligent Education draws from her years of experience and allows you to work at your own pace with this masterful artist.